The Beauty In Fantasy

The Beauty In Fantasy

There’s beauty in any genre a writer can choose to write. But I find Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror to be the most beautiful of all. Vibrant and alive with a sea of possibilities for both writers and readers, and overlapping with almost any other genre out there. That’s why I’ve decided to write a series of posts about them detailing what each share that makes them so great, and what is unique to them.

First up in this three part series is Fantasy.

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Show, Don’t Tell

Show, Don't Tell.png

Show don’t tell is both the best and worst advice a writer can get. It signals something is wrong with a piece of writing. But it can also be severely overused in writing groups, workshops, and in online forums when trying to describe what is wrong with a piece. In short, it can all too easily be turned into a sound bite instead of something meaningful that communicates what the reader is struggling with.

And this would be perfectly fine if many didn’t have trouble defining what show, don’t tell means; the manner in which showing and telling are different from one another, and why it is an important thing to be able to master. That is what we’re going to cover in this post. Please don’t mind the Ogre in the corner, the Gray sipping a cup of black tea, or the blood on the carpet.

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Genre 101|Fantasy

Genre 101-Fantasy

Writing Fantasy is like exploring a new world with each new story. Every stroke of the pen or keystroke bringing them to life.

What Is Fantasy?

Horror seeks to scare. Science Fiction deals with the fantastical through the lens of science. Even when it handwaves most of the science away. Fantasy is the genre of the that doesn’t try to explain things away via a horrific supernatural entity or science.

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The Appeal of Speculative Fiction

The Appeal of Speculative Fiction

People underestimate Speculative Fiction, but I think it is the best kind of fiction. It crosses the boundaries between commercial and Literary. It gives readers so many genres and sub-genres to read it leaves their heads spinning. And for writers of Speculative Fiction, there’s a whole universe of possibilities.

What is Speculative Fiction?

Speculative Fiction is an umbrella term for the fiction of “what if?” What if I aliens invaded? What if someone was being stalked by a centuries old serial killer? What if magical being were real and lived in our world? As such, it encompasses the more well-known genres of Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. And lesser known genres like Alternate History, Surrealism, Absurdism, and Magical Realism.

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