Asana: A Writer’s Best Friend

ASANA- A Writer's Best Friend

Every writer needs to find the best productivity method for them. Some like simple solutions like writing a page a day, or researching an hour a day. Some have multiple projects going and try to spend a specific amount of time each project every day. Some use to-do lists and analog methods such as the Bullet Journal®.  Some use digital methods such as Asana.

If you’ve read Eclectic Little Dork before, you may already know that I’ve been testing combining digital and analog methods of task management. I want to write more, make the most of my research time each day, and keep track of submission calls I want to submit a story to. While researching different digital methods I came across Asana and I’ve been using it ever since.

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How To Balance Writing & Life

How To Balancing Life & Writing

For writers and other creative people, finding a balance between our creative impulses and life can be difficult. If we allow life to interfere too much, we may feel stifled, trapped, grumpy etc. Like our creativity is being allowed to wither on the vine. But if we allow creativity to interfere with life too much our relationships may suffer, and we may become burned out.

There is a very clear solution to these problems, striking a balance. It is something that I admittedly am not as good at as I would like to be, but I’m working to better myself using the following tips. Slowly striking that much-needed balance. And I hope these tips can help other struggling writers find balance in their own lives. Continue reading “How To Balance Writing & Life”


My DIY Writing Retreat Experience

DIY Writing Retreat

Sometimes the best thing a writer can do to boost their productivity is to find a way to relax. For some that will be going to take a walk, listening to a favorite song etc. But there are times when a more serious form of relaxation is in order. For those times, I say look no further than the DIY writing retreat.

It’s a simple and effective way that, with some planning, doesn’t have to cost anything. And even better, at the end, you’ll be ready to return to your normal day-to-day life confident that you can tackle what is thrown at you.

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The Story Journal: A How-To

The Story Journal- A How-To

I keep what I like to call a Story Journal. Even before I learned about Bullet Journaling and how that could help with finding time to work on my projects. In fact, I would call the story Journal a writers best friend.

Here’s why a writer should consider using one. Especially if they’re not a fan of planners and just want something to help them organize their work. And how to set one up.

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