Monthly Catch-up| May 2017

May 2017 was, well, May. It wasn’t especially eventful except for a deer munching on our garden and one of our chickens getting injured. I blame what seems like an extreme amount of rain. There were a lot of days where it looked like the Ferengi homeworld from Star Trek every time it was shown. Dark, muddy, and no end to the rain in sight. June isn’t shaping up to be much better so far.

The chicken now lives in the garage in a dog kennel because she can never go back in with the others. She’ll have special lighting in the winter, but she is getting stronger every day.

I did start rereading Self-Editing For Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King (Amazon Link.), and the read is going really well. I’m hoping to maybe review it on the blog sometime this month.

Other than that, the most exciting thing to happen to me was making a sourdough culture with one of my nieces and getting a lavender plant.

Reading/Watching/Listening To

Reading: The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

Watching: The Dark Crystal

Listening To: Nightwish| Endless Forms Most Beautiful

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Monthly Review| April 2017

April Review Title

I’m noticing a pattern that I don’t like.

Each month I start out optimistic, I make goals and I’m sure I will either meet or smash them into tiny pieces. Then the month progresses and I quickly fall behind on my goals. Eventually, it becomes clear that I won’t reach them and the month quickly starts to go downhill from there. I end up done and just wanting the month to finish the hell up.

But it occurred to me last week while creating the title card for this post, I was telling people about my goals. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially when I actually like talking about the things I plan on doing. However, that also doesn’t seem to work for me. Make no mistake, I need to make goals in order to get things done. My brain enjoys organization and being able to make steady progress towards something. It’s just the sharing those goals that does not work for me. So I will leave my goals for the month at saying I’ve made them and put them on the to-do list portion of my Bullet Journal’s Monthly Log.

Don’t get discouraged though, I have other things to talk about. I sent out a poem this month. Not a big thing in retrospect, but I was happy to finally be sending things out again. It seems like forever since the last time I did that.

I sent out a poem this month. Not a big thing in retrospect, but I was happy to finally be sending things out again. It seems like forever since the last time I did that. It was rejected, but I’m not going to let that bother me too much. Submitting things is pretty hit or miss. An idea has to be interesting, what the venue’s editor is looking for, and well written. While I like to think my poem had the first two traits, it clearly wasn’t what the editor at the venue I submitted to was looking for.

I also happened to come across a really awesome French drama called Being 17, which I virtually fell in love with. It’s on the docket to reviewed some time this month, so watch out for that.

But perhaps the highlight of my month was attending the Simchat bat of the granddaughter of one of my friends from my writer’s meetup. For those wondering, a Simchat bat is the Jewish welcoming ceremony for a daughter. She’s blessed and given her Hebrew name, which will be the name used in a religious context for the rest of her life. The baby was absolutely adorable, the name chosen for her was gorgeous, and it simply an experience not to be missed.

On a closing note…I finally got back to writing Written In The Stars! It took throwing out the outline and previous draft to start over. But now I have the first quarter of the story outlined, and I have a new first chapter that has much more tension than the previous one. I’m counting it as a win for my Romeo & Juliet-based story.

Until next time, you can find me on Twitter and Facebook. Come and talk if you want to. I enjoy it.