Welcome to the disclaimer page for my weird little corner of the net. Originally, I considered just adding this information into my About page but that seemed like it would be a little too muddled. But it was needed, so I decided to give it its own page.

The Disclaimer

I’m an Amazon Associate. What this means is that if you click on an Amazon link on my blog, and I will always tell you about them so you have a choice to click or not, and purchase something or sign up for something, I get a small commission.

Readers of this blog can expect me to never post a link to something I haven’t tried, watched, or read myself. Being honest about things is important to me, and to share random stuff on my blog for unwitting readers to purchase goes against my personal code of ethics.

There’s also a link for subscribing to an Amazon service in the sidebar of this blog, and it too will always be a link to something I’ve used in the past or am currently using and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy your time on this blog and thank you for your support in advance.