More Than A Writer

More Than A Writer

There’s more to life than being a writer. Sounds heretical, blasphemous even. How can someone who blogs about writing and claims to be a writer herself say that?

Well, it’s simple really. Much as we may want to just sit in a coffee shop, our office, at a table just write every single day. We can’t. Life get’s in the way of doing that. Whether it be going to see the doctor, family events or obligations, dates with the significant other, getting sick or anything else. Life continuously throws us curveballs that stop us from spending our lives just writing.

Does that mean we shouldn’t follow that oft-quoted advice to write every day? No. There’s value in sitting down and writing something each day. It could be a poem. It could be a paragraph of a story. It could be a few words of a story. Writing every day helps keep us inspired. But it does mean we have to accept that other things will come along and prevent us from writing as much as we want on a given day.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why I started this post the way I did. Am I just being contrary and difficult in order to mess with you?

No. I’m not. I fully believe that writing every day is a great personal goal. But allowing writing to consume our lives isn’t healthy. We need to interact with others and experience life, both as people and as writers. Living life instead of merely existing for the sake of being able to write adds a depth to our writing it may not otherwise have. It aids in the ability to write emotions well. It aids in our ability to describe settings. And it gives us a chance to work out the problems in whatever we’re writing at a given point in time, which helps us when it comes to editing.

So if you find yourself being consumed by writing, take a walk. Go to a party. Go to the museum. Take up painting and set time aside for that in addition to writing. Go out with friends or to a family gathering.

Live life. You’re more than a writer. You’re the protagonist of your own story.

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2 thoughts on “More Than A Writer

    1. Thanks! I find this is something that I struggle with myself at times, so I wanted to write a post about it. I hope it helps writers both new and old find balance in their lives.


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