New Writers & New Horizons

New Writers- New Writers & New Horizons

Being a new fiction writer is a nerve-wracking experience. You wonder about a lot of things. Am I any good? Are my stories original enough? What genre should I write and do I have to write only that genre from now on? Do I want to write should fiction? Isn’t it better to write novels?

I was there once and I still wouldn’t call myself a seasoned writer yet. I’ve only been submitting things for a couple of years, and I have my own issues. For example, I need to submit more and dedicate more time to finding possible venues for my work. And I need to finish my longer form projects instead of making excuses. But I hope that, by introducing this permanent series and giving it its own category in my blog topics list, I can help people just starting out.

Breakdowns of genres, talks about writing advice and the basics of writing such as point of view and creating compelling characters. The universe is the limit when it comes to this new category.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Feel free to let me know what topics you would like to see covered in this new category.

Until next time.

Reading/Watching/Listening To

Reading: The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters

Watching: Being 17

Listening To: H.I.M Darklight

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