Edgar Allan Poe & Me

Edgar Allan Poe & MeEdgar Allan PoeEdgar Allan Poe (January 19th, 1809–October 7th, 1849) is one of my all-time favorite writers.

I first came across Poe’s work when I was twelve or thirteen. This was around the same time I was discovering a love of Gothic music, fashion, and the macabre in general. If you want to learn more about this time in my life, check out the post Gothic Minimalism. It goes into much more detail than we have space for here.

Anyway…back to Poe.

As a teen inclined towards darker things, I found that Poe’s work increasingly pulled me in over time. After all, they are really good. I’ve even used Annabel Lee as the inspiration for several stories. It is just that versatile and fertile as idea fodder. But in reality, it really was the darkness.

Most of the short stories in Poe’s repertoire falls into the modern definition of the Horror genre. Families going mad, people going mad or already being insane, and circumstances both mysterious and terrifying are in abundance. Though people do tend to forget some of his works were mysteries or detective stories. His poems tend to be about a beautiful woman or the death of one.

Take note of Poe’s work as a Horror writer. Because, I admit, his work is part of what drew me to the writing the genre myself. Poe was the first writer that really gave me a glance at what Horror could be. I had already loved and read the genre before, but I hadn’t thought of it as the robust genre it is before I discovered Poe’s work.

Everything from my Horror Romance work to my SciFi Horror to my Horror that doesn’t mix in other genres is a result of the belief Horror can deal with any topic. Case in point, in a post called The Beauty In Horror, I talk briefly about a story idea that deals with a demon mother having trouble weaning her child off of her flesh and onto human flesh. That’s actually a story that I wrote. I had a lot of fun trying to make such a mundane and everyday topic scary, bringing horror into the everyday.

That idea and others, which tend to blur the line between mundane and terrifying, are my own. My love of both writing and darkness means I likely would’ve been writing Horror anyway. But Poe is the one who gets’s credit for opening my eyes much sooner than they would’ve been otherwise.

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Until next time.

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