Book Review| Outline Your Novel

Outline Your Novel Title.png
Outline Your Novel is a great book on, you guessed it, outlining.

Published by author K.M. Weiland in 2011, this 192-page book packs quite the punch in a not too big package. Each page of the eleven chapter plus introduction craft book is densely packed with information that will not only help the reader understand Weiland’s method of outlining, but create their own.

If this isn’t enough to convince people to give it a try, the book also features nine interviews with other authors. In each one, Weiland and the author being interviewed talk about the how that particular author uses outlining. There’s, not surprisingly, a variety of answers to how they outline and how much. Some are detailed like Weiland and others are quite sparse in their outlines.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this book to someone who doesn’t wish to learn more about outlining. The author does have a book on structuring your novel, though. And if I was to recommend one of the two to someone who prefers to write without an outline, I would have to recommend the aptly named, Structuring Your Novel (Amazon Link.)

Outline Your Novel: Map Your Way To Success can be found in paperback (Amazon Link.) and as an e-book (Amazon Link.).

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