My Gothic Minimalism Guidelines

Gothic Minimalism Guidelines Title

Last time we discussed Gothic Minimalism, I talked about my own story surrounding being a Gothic minimalist. Today I would like to talk about my personal minimalist guidelines.

Why Have Guidelines?

Some people thrive on an organized type of chaos, having a mental list of guidelines at most. Or they like to go with the flow.

I’m a planner. I like things to be orderly and to have a personal code to follow. So, when I came across minimalism as a lifestyle, it seemed quite natural that my the Bullet Journal® would house those guidelines. At the time, I was in squared Moleskine Classic Notebook in Large. Seems odd now as I’m slowly moving into a pocket-sized Traveler’s Notebook, but that was what I was in and I still recommend it for a Bullet Journal or a normal journal.

All that said, let’s move on to what those guidelines are.

My Guidelines

My personal minimalism guidelines are separated into various sections. General, Clothing Related, Personal Care, Books and Movies, Office Supplies, Sewing and Crafts and a catch all for anything else. While this may seem like a lot of sections, and it is, I’ve found having them divided up like this makes the list itself easier for me to navigate. If I can’t navigate the list, then I can’t use it and there would be no point to having written it down.


  • Goth can be minimalist.
  • All possessions should add value to my life.
  • Hobbies can be part of a full life.
  • There’s nothing wrong with my gothy space showing my pride as either an LGBT person or as a mixed person POC.

Clothing Related

  • I do not want to own more than I can comfortably care for.
  • One off items should be very limited.
  • Each item having a Gothy vibe is a must.

Personal Care

  • No more than four perfumes, two masculine/gender neutral and two feminine at a time.
  • One lotion or body butter with a neutral scent.
  • Hair care items must fit in a medium basket.
  • One neutral deodorant to go with everything.

Books and Movies

  • The movies I own should only be ones I truly love and will rewatch.
  • Two bookcases and no more.
  • All the novels I own should be ones I love.
  • All the non-fiction books should be relevant to my writing and interests.
  • Nook or hard copy only, not both.

Craft and Sewing

  • Paper crafts should fit into one basket.
  • Yarn should also fit into one basket.
  • Crochet should fit in a small basket.
  • All fabric should fit in a medium size storage tub.
  • Needles and hooks should fit inside a handsewn needle roll.
  • All sewing patterns should fit in a binder.
  • All sewing notions should fit in a medium-small box.
  • One project basket for ongoing projects, whether handcraft or machine.
  • Only one knitting, crochet, notebook making, or sewing project at a time.

Office Supplies

  • Paper must fit into one basket.
  • Printer ink, paper clips, and other small items must fit in one basket.
  • Only the current year’s writing should be living in my desk.
  • Items not in use should be put away.


  • I only need three sets of black sheets.
  • I only need three blankets for the various times of the year.
  • I only need two throw blankets.
  • More than four towels, two for my body and two for my hair, isn’t something I need.

Using The Guidelines

Now that I’ve bored you to death with my guidelines, I should say that these are a work in progress and individualized. Some people make need more towels for example. However, my hair is kinky-curly and I don’t wash it more than once or twice a week. My scalp tends to get oilier much quicker when I overwash and detangling my hair becomes, surprisingly, much more difficult for me to do.

Other people also don’t need to the mixed and LGBT part of my guidelines. I’ve found that the reminder is invaluable to me. Keeps me grounded when people say I can’t be Goth because I’m mixed, Goths aren’t gay, Goths don’t ever listen to certain types of music and other asshattery.

The biggest things I want people to take away from this blunt and honest list? Find what works for you. If that is not having a concrete set of guidelines, then that’s perfectly fine. If you need a set like I do, then that is perfectly OK as well.

On Wednesday I will, hopefully, be on time with a review of a fabulous writing craft book. Join me if you want to know what I think about K.M. Weiland’s Outline Your Novel. The book can be found in hardcopy and e-book formats on Amazon for those who want to start reading now and comparing our opinions. Minim

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