Monthly Review| February 2017

February ReviewFebruary 2017 has been a pain in the behind as far as months go.

Yep. That’s right. I did basically call February a pain in the ass. And it is well deserving of that title.


This month I didn’t do any work on my novel “Stars,” didn’t even come close to reaching my monthly poetry goal, and blogged in a very sporadic way that drove me absolutely nuts. I also didn’t make any progress on the research for my expansion of Bringing Me Dreams or that Novella I mention is in the idea stage in a previous post. Nor send out anything on submission.

However, the month wasn’t all bad. It was my birthday this month as well. I turned 26.

I got a new desk for my birthday. Which anyone who knows me will realize makes me very happy. I didn’t have a proper workspace before now, and now I have one. And while I am on a minimalist Journey as a way of increasing my own personal happiness with life, not having a proper workspace was frustrating as opposed to minimalistic in nature. And it most certainly didn’t make me happy.

Now I am. I am no longer forced to work on the blog from my bed or the couch if I don’t want to!

I also got a Nook Glowlight Plus with a really awesome Black vegan leather case from Kate Spade. Since my birthday this past Saturday, I’ve managed to finish The Magpie Lord by KJ Charles (Amazon links: paperback & kindle), which I loved. And have gotten almost half-way through a reread of K.M. Weiland’s Outline Your Novel (Amazon links: paperback & kindle.), which I also love. Reviews for both to come in April.

Last but not least when it comes to birthday gifts was my purchase of some hair and skin care items from Chagrin Valley Soaps and a pocket-sized Traveler’s Notebook that I can’t wait to receive from Leather Quill Shoppe. I got the Pumpkin Leather Quill and my purchases from Chagrin Valley are all coconut free because I recently developed my mother and maternal grandmother’s allergy to all things coconut. Pesky thing that allergy, but Chagrin Valley has nice products. I’ve ordered from them before, and I know I won’t be disappointed despite no longer being able to use some of my favorites.

Moving on to more non-birthday related things. I managed to successfully get the Eclectic Little Dork editorial calendar for the month done with a day to spare and have already moved some things I didn’t get to this month to April’s. I haven’t been this on top of Eclectic Little Dork before.

As for things like how the blog, my Twitter, and my Instagram are doing? The blog had 39 views and 33 visitors. Not the most traffic a blog has every had by a longshot, but I’m extremely grateful to anyone who took the time to read and visit the blog. You helped to make that number possible.

My Twitter and Instagram are both currently at 16 followers. I hope to bring them both up to 30 followers or more during the course of the next month.

March Goals

  • Grow Instagram followers to 30+ and be more involved on Instagram in general.
  • Grow Twitter followers to 30+ and be more involved on Twitter in general.
  • Write 23 poems and send out a couple.
  • Write 46 pages or more on “Stars.”
  • Outline the Novella using Outline Your Novel in time for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo.
  • Evaluate the zero draft of “Bringing Me Dreams.
  • Post to the blog 14 times.

Until next time everyone! Thank you for your support and be sure to join me on Friday. I’m going to be covering some misconceptions about the Bullet Journal add-on known as the weekly log.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate in links. All that means is that I may receive a small commission if you click on a link from a product I’ve recommended in this post and purchase/subscribe to one of them. I’ll only ever recommend products I’ve used and enjoyed myself.Thank you for supporting my dorky little corner of the internet!


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