The Not So Great Blog Merger 2017

A picture of a character from an unfinished YA story that was drawn by someone for me during a writing event, and later became Eclectic YA’s background image. Isn’t she awesome?

Let me tell you a story. 

Once there was a naive, enthusiastic young would-be blogger who decided to start a, you guessed it, blog. She put a lot of work into this blog. Though it lay dusty for random stretches of time, she always came back to it because she loved it. But this blog had grown beyond its scope and one topic was battling like betta fish with another. 

The topics?

Writing Young Adult Fiction and an eclectic mix of topics that centered around her experiences as an aspiring novelist writing Adult Fiction. Nope, not porn. Think the Horror you would see in your average Horror section of a bookstore, provided they have one, vs Young Adult ( known to writers of the category as YA) Horror. Or another genre that has both a Young Adult and a “normal” adult market such as Fantasy, Scifi, and Historical Fiction.

One day she was struggling with whether to give the Young Adult or the Adult topic more love on that specific day and it dawned on her, she could start another blog for the Young Adult related stuff and her Adult market writing could stay exactly where it was. It would be more work, but well worth it if she could just switch between blogs when needed.

Long story short. Yes, I know. It’s too late for that now that I’ve told you the story. I was that blogger and a few years ago, during an earlier incarnation of the blog, I created an offshoot that I called Eclectic YA. Suffice to say the blog, to my great dismay, didn’t make it. It repeatedly fizzled out for a variety of reasons, just like older versions of this blog. But I still love it and some of my posts for the old version of this blog. 

And since I love them so much, and think they could definitely be of use to my current readers, I’ve decided to slowly integrate them both into this blog.  New and improved but integrated just the same. 

I will, of course, tell you which ones are part of the merger. So be on the look-out for them. My first merge post is tomorrow’s post on why I write Young Adult or YA.


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