Bringing me Dreams Draft Completed!

I complete the first draft of “Bringing me Dreams” a couple of days ago. I’ve been riding on the feeling of accomplishment since then. Current plan is to let the 16.5K MS sit for about a month, more if I need to, and then start slowly revising it.

Of course, since my brain doesn’t like to be quiet, I’m already working on another project. In fact, I’m working on more than one. I like have multiple Works In Progress up and actively being drafted.

Courtships of The Bennets is an Alternate History retelling of Pride & Prejudice. I’m really hoping that draft one will clock in at 80K, since I write a bit sparse in the first draft.

Flesh is a Scifi novel, that has a bit of a Horror edge to it. At its core, the hopefully 70K draft is about what it means to be human. The story is about a scientist working with the military, who is called in to work on a top-secret project involving a flesh-eating alien. She comes to slowly see the alien as human and after the other female’s mistreatment comes to light, she goes to the bases commander with her misgivings about the project. When she finds out that he’s done nothing to stop the cruelty, she breaks the alien female out, knowing she will be branded a traitor and that people will die to feed the other being’s appetite. ┬áThere’s a descent into darkness ark, and some other stuff that I don’t want to take up too much space with at the moment since nothing is set in stone until it’s written.

I’m happy to have this project under my belt. I’ve learned so much about motivation while doing it, and hopefully I can apply that to my novel length projects.

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I'm a lover of Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. I live on the North Shore of Boston, MA, USA.
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